Terms and Conditions

Please feel free to raise any points not understood and we will gladly talk through this to you.


All Computer Aided Design (CAD) images you have been supplied with are only a visual representation of your bathroom and its products. They are not intended to be and exact likeness.


We cannot except any liability for products not originally installed by the company which may require alteration, modification or re-installing at the customer’s request.

Product cleaning and maintenance guidelines must be followed to ensure longevity of use. Aggressive cleaners will cause damage to the chrome long term and bleaches can cause rubber seals in traps to be corroded. This would then void any manufacturer warranties.

Manufacturers guarantees are in place for products.
Should faulty products need to be replaced, the installation will be charged at £35 per hour.


Any product delivered to your home and noted by you as damaged must be reported to us within 72 hours of delivery and will be dealt with under the manufacturers warranty. A replacement will then be sourced.

We have no liability to you in respect of any delay or failure to deliver a product due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

We will dispose of anything left in the bathroom, so please ensure before we arrive you remove any fixtures or fittings you would like to keep or reuse.

We will take reasonable care however, during the removal of your old bathroom there is a minimal chance while removing old tiles and loosening old plaster that the vibrations may cause cracking to other walls close by. During this process, and throughout installation the utmost care will be taken to ensure any such risk of damage is completely minimal. However, should this happen, we would need to repair the area ready for you to arrange suitable re-decoration. Repair work is not included in the original estimation.

While we are working within your home we will need to close your water supplies to the bathroom. If your isolation valves, such as stopcocks, are poorly maintained and have ceased to open or close, they may need to be replaced in order to continue with the works. Should this occur, this would be priced separately as they are not included in the original estimation.

When draining down water/heating systems that have not been maintained or shut down for some time, there is a risk debris will become loose. If this did occur it could affect mechanical items such as pumps and motorised valves, Repair/replacement to these are not included in the original estimation.

We always attempt to be as accurate as possible with regards to our estimations however, should any unforeseen problems or additional work occur such as blown plaster or faulty workmanship prior to installation, you will be notified immediately as this could affect the time scale and price.

If walls/floors are having extensive (thick) plastering or concreting work carried out, we will need to allow sufficient drying time before tiles are added. We require drying times to be adhered to in order for us to fulfil our level of workmanship.

Modern day products rely on houses to be level for correct installation to be carried out. Should walls need to be amended to achieve a suitable installation, the customer will be made aware at the earliest stage possible and the repair works will be considered additional work, based on the standard hourly rate.

Where new equipment/components are installed onto an existing system, the installer will not be responsible for loss of performance, any breakdown or damage caused to the customer’s existing system resulting from faulty pipe work, poor design and poor maintenance.

Following the completed installation of your bathroom, you should be aware that any major works completed in your house, such as construction work, work to joists or walls can cause movement in other areas of the house. Weymouth Wetrooms cannot except liability for damages to the bathroom walls or floors resulting from other works completed following installation.


Payment must be made within 7 days of final invoice. Invoices outstanding over 30 days are deemed overdue and we reserve the right to charge daily interest at 5% over Bank of England base rate on the outstanding balance.

All products and materials remain the property of the company until the balance is paid in full.

Any requested additional works not included in the quotation that affects installation timescales will be charged at £32 per hour (Excl VAT) or a separate quote will be supplied for an alternative installation at the standard hourly rate.

Customer Obligations

The customer shall cooperate with the company by arranging access at dates/times agreed and by supplying such information reasonably requested. The customer will also obtain any necessary permission, licences and consents.

The customer is required to bring to our attention anything which is relevant to the products and services you require, e.g. your building is a listed building. In addition to this, you will need to obtain all necessary local authority consents, planning permissions and any other consents and permissions for relevant work prior to work starting.


The customer is responsible for notifying insurers in relation to any work undertaken on your property.

Weymouth Wetrooms LTD has public liability and employer liability insurance in place.
At point of completion, it is the customer’s responsibility to transfer all goods and services to the customers insurers.

Data Protection

We respect your privacy and comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not disclose or pass personal details of customers to any third party.